Lâcher Prise (Letting Go)



In the centre of Paris a group of deaf people meet together weekly, turn up the music and dance it out.

There are communities of deaf people throughout the world who have a passion for dance – in the centre of Paris is one of them. In Lâcher Prise (Letting Go), we follow the stories of three deaf Parisian dancers, discovering the challenges they go through and how they can dance to music despite their disability. Jules feels the bass in the music, Agathe memorises dance moves, and Lydia uses dance to express her experience of being partially deaf. The three dancers meet regularly in Paris to do dance battles, this brings them a strong sense of identity, community and mutual understanding.

Made for TEDx Sydney 2017


Director – Jon Mark Oldmeadow
Producer – Redha Medjellekh
Director of Photography – Bernard Jallet
Editor – Jon Mark Oldmeadow
Dancers – Agathe Grelaud, Jules Dansigneur & Lydia Neghad
Music – Okzharp & Claudio Tocco
Post Sound Design – Lana Kristensen
Production Assistant – Yohann Ancele
Camera Assistant – Sylvain Chaux
Sign Language Interpreter – Claire Danet
TEDxSydney Film Curator – Sinéad McDevitt